WAKE - Orange Sherbert


PLAY - Fruit Punch


REST - Blackberry Lavender


What's inside?

A balanced ratio of nutrients to help maintain cellular health and hydration.


Our Advanced Aloe Hydration technology uses the hydration and immune-optimizing properties of Aloe vera to fast-track hydrating nutrients into your body for hydration you can FEEL!

AAH helps reduce the oxidative stress that causes cells to underperform and break down.

AAH hydrates your cells and boosts your immune system.

AAH has BiAloe with the highest Acemannan content available in any aloe product.

Two servings of FUEL UP give you the recommended amount of BiAloe for optimal cellular support.

KK, this is the real deal. Too bad this wasn’t around when I was playing. All the drinks that we were forced to drink, because of big sponsorship deals, didn’t deliver like this FU does. Within 15 -20 minutes, I feel refreshed and ready to go. The alertness along with the energy is unlike anything that I have ever experienced from a drink. Thanks, great stuff!

"Hot Rod" Jones

This stuff tastes great. I want to drink another one almost immediately after the first. Talk about focus, not to mention the eye-opening clarity without jitters. Keeps me going all day. Wish I had this back in my racing days!

Billy Roe

It tastes amazing! My favorite is PLAY. Unlike other powdered drinks, this one mixes in completely; you do not get that powder settling at the bottom of your cup that you can never seem to get rid of no matter how much you shake the darn cup.

Jan C.

The website is very easy to navigate and has all the info you need to make a good decision. I love that it is good for you, hydrating, and delicious. I will be ordering again and again and again...

Christina D.

I highly recommend FUEL UP! If you need a hydrating drink that is good for you, has very little sugar, and contains NO artificial sweeteners. It tastes amazing!!!

Jan D.

I love FUEL UP! It is good for you and it tastes great. WAKE will give you a boost without the jitters. PLAY really helps with alertness. I find that I can focus much easier. The price is good, and shipping is quick. I highly recommend FUEL UP.

Catherine T.

Wake gave me a very consistent energy push that didn't make me feel jittery or nauseous like many other energy supplements do. I also felt very focused and intentional...Thank you!!!

Amy V.

The taste was great. Not gritty. Gave plenty of energy and had the right amount of electrolytes, calories, etc. This was a great overall drink.

Angela W.

Fruit punch flavor is awesome! I definitely feel more hydrated & less tired. I have energy to get whatever I need done, so I am in love with FU!

Cassandra F.

I have already told multiple people to try it due to the fact that it is one of the best drinks I've tried in a while and I plan on ordering a bag and giving them out as samples to people so they can see first hand how great it is.

Wesley B.

WAKE - Orange Sherbert


PLAY - Fruit Punch


REST - Blackberry Lavender