WAKE+ Orange Sherbet
WAKE+ Orange Sherbet
WAKE+ Orange Sherbet

WAKE+ Orange Sherbet

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The best just got better.

Remember WAKE? Amazing right? Well, we replaced individual serving packets (who's trying to make MORE plastic waste these days anyway?) with a scoop-in-bag system. So we can actually give you more FU for less.

Now with BiAloe!

WAKE+ includes our monster secret ingredient: BiAloe, a technological breakthrough in aloe vera processing that has a bio-active profile nearly identical to that of natural aloe vera inner leaf gel. As far as we know, there is absolutely no other aloe vera product on the market that can match the polysaccharide and Aloe Poly Acetyl Mannans (real healthy stuff) content. And nobody, I mean NOBODY, has BiAloe™ in their products. It is our trademarked little gem.

This bad boy supports the immune system like NOTHING else!!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  

FUEL UP WAKE+ is hydration for life!

30 servings per bag

  • 180 mg of caffeine for a mellow, non-jittery boost in energy
  • Supplies hydration that boosts energy and increases alertness & motivation
  • Helps protect cells from damage
  • Helps relieve fatigue (such as from the effects of exercise or jet lag)
  • Helps reduce inflammation from exercise
  • Helps reduce joint stiffness from sitting too long
  • Supports the immune, digestive and nervous systems
  • Supports muscle contraction and general heart health
  • Promotes production of neurotransmitters

    The makers of FUEL UP (FU) collaborated with hydration experts from top companies to design a nutritional hydration system specifically for gamers and active humans. Most companies only offer a basic drink made for jocks. FU was developed for gamers, athletes, and everyone that cares about their health. Through our expertise and research, we determined that the most crucial characteristics for successful people is FOCUS and CONCENTRATION. So we partnered with an all-star team and got busy in the lab hacking a drink formula that lights up your neurotransmitters to give you a deeper level of focus and intense concentration while you wake, play and rest.

    Consuming the daily 3-part FUEL UP hydration system with its blend of essential nutrients will give you an energy boost, increase your focus and concentration, and help you relax.  WAKE to motivate, PLAY to concentrate and REST to rejuvenate.  Then you can really say FU (fuel up) to your competition!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 73 reviews
    Matt Sullivan

    WAKE+ Orange Sherbet.

    Dee Webb

    Love it, will reorder, would like to know more about it

    Jameye jones
    5 stars

    I first heard of this product on 92.1 FM Mayor Joe Bielinski talked about it and I thought why not? Ordered it - enjoyed it ! Dissolved fast and taste good. Missed it a couple of months and then did the multi pack and realized I DO FEEL BETTER when I take it. WAKE is my fave! I hope I can continue to order this - on a budget but TRULY love this product!

    Jacob Medina
    Great wake up

    This gives you definitely what you need to get going. I wish it would last longer. Other than that I probably will oder more. The other thing, it is a bit pricey. What isn't pricey these days.

    Brian James
    Amazing! Better than coffee

    Substantial and sustainable energy without the crash. Lots of vitamins and minerals with immune support. 100 percent recommend