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Try something new. No pressure.

FUEL UP PLAY is hydration for life!

  • Supplies hydration that boosts energy and increases alertness & motivation
  • Helps protect cells from damage
  • Helps relieve fatigue (such as from the effects of exercise or jet lag)
  • Helps reduce inflammation from exercise
  • Helps reduce joint stiffness from sitting too long
  • Supports the immune, digestive and nervous systems
  • Supports muscle contraction and general heart health
  • Promotes production of neurotransmitters

The makers of FUEL UP (FU) collaborated with hydration experts from top companies to design a nutritional hydration system specifically for gamers and active humans. Most companies only offer a basic drink made for jocks. FU was developed for gamers, athletes, and everyone that cares about their health. Through our expertise and research, we determined that the most crucial characteristics for successful people is FOCUS and CONCENTRATION. So we partnered with an all-star team and got busy in the lab hacking a drink formula that lights up your neurotransmitters to give you a deeper level of focus and intense concentration while you wake, play and rest.

Consuming the daily 3-part FUEL UP hydration system with its blend of essential nutrients will give you an energy boost, increase your focus and concentration, and help you relax.  WAKE to motivate, PLAY to concentrate and REST to rejuvenate.  Then you can really say FU (fuel up) to your competition!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Pam K.
FU Play

I have these drinks with my meals and I have two meals a day--breakfast and an early dinner. I sometimes add a cranberry with pomegranate mix and it works great. I like the drink without the mix too. This drink does give me energy throughout the rest of my day as does the Wake+ drink.

Lulu Reynolds

I love this stuff! I’ve tried every hydration on the market and then some to no avail. Whatever is right in this, it’s on the spot right.
I was poisoned from dioxin which damaged my immune system, this product does something special for my body than mere supplements and hydration.
Thank you! I don’t do as well with the wake up, but it’s fine, it’s just this one is amazing for me. Try it, see if it’s right for you. Nothing to lose, you’ll still be good and hydrated!!

Donna Martinez
Fuel up-Play to your hearts content

Fuel up-You will continue to Play at your maximum with On the Go Packets

Jameye jones

I am not as impressed with the PLAY as I am the Fuel Up Orange Sherbert one- I like the Play- I just seem to get better results from the original Fuel Up I purchase. I do enjoy the product and will continue to use

Stephen Ford
Love it!

Really gave me the energy I needed!